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Being a kid is just as tough today as it was 30 years ago. The difference, however, is that now when a kid struggles to learn how to do something, their parents record a video of it on their smartphones and upload it to YouTube, where it will live forever and ever.

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Apple is the best company in the world. It’s producing the best products on earth, and delivering record-breaking earnings results. So what can other companies learn from Apple.

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We all know that making to-do lists is way more fun than actually doing anything. This is especially the case when you use Clear, a new app on the App Store for $0.99 that has already hit #1.

Asian and Middle Eastern cities dominate the list of the world’s ten cheapest cities, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s bi-annual cost of living report.

Pinterest has kept quiet about its internal data, but RJMetrics decided to examine user engagement itself.  The business intelligence software company wrote a script and analyzed random Pinterest user data.  All in, about 1 million pins were examined. From those 1 million pins, RJMetrics compiled a list of the top 20 websites that receive the most pins or shared content on Pinterest.

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From a cow that fell and sinked a boat, to a rain of blood certified by bacteriologists, meet ten things you won’t believe to have fallen from the sky.

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Dennis Crowley sold his first startup to Google. His second, Foursquare, has nearly 100 employees, 16 million users, and it is creeping towards a billion-dollar valuation. Crowley is the poster child for New York’s burgeoning tech scene, but his success didn’t happen over night.

“Mobile is ramping up faster than any other technology we have seen in the past,” says Mary Meek er of Kleiner Perkins. Mobile web adoption is happening eight times faster than traditional web adoption in the late ’90s. With that growth comes a new set of user behaviors and consumer trends.

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The modern lifestyle of super-sized french fries and couch potatoes often takes the blame for the rising rates of obesity and diabetes in the U.S. — perhaps rightly so. But growing evidence suggests another factor in the dual epidemics: modern chemicals.

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When you’re lying in bed trying desperately to fall asleep, your mind may seem like your worst enemy, keeping you awake. If you keep your mind focused, however, such as on numbers, you may fall asleep faster.

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Lightning may contribute to the onset of headaches and migraines, a new study says.

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