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Plastic water bottles aren’t silent killers, even if you leave them out in the heat. Brian Dunning, of myth-busting web series inFact, explains why.

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The chemical bisphenol A, known as BPA, has become familiar in the past decade, notably to parents searching for BPA-free bottles for their infants. Animal studies have found that BPA, which resembles the sex hormone estrogen, harms health.

Now a study suggests that prenatal, but not childhood, exposure to BPA is connected to anxiety, depression and difficulty controlling behaviors in three-year-olds, especially girls.

Via Scientific American

As evidence mounts of the dangers of bisphenol-A, there is a rising urgency to purge the common chemical from consumer products.

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The modern lifestyle of super-sized french fries and couch potatoes often takes the blame for the rising rates of obesity and diabetes in the U.S. — perhaps rightly so. But growing evidence suggests another factor in the dual epidemics: modern chemicals.

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In November, the New York Times reported a frightening discovery: the presence of a dangerous chemical known as “BPA” in a large number of paper store receipts.

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Lightning may contribute to the onset of headaches and migraines, a new study says.

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