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“Being the digital mom I am, I thought I had covered all bases. But what I hadn’t counted on was social media being an entirely different beast, and rendering my digitally savvy girls into digital Mr. Magoos.”


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Not just a few things, but everything about the book and the book business is transformed by the end of paper. Those that would prefer to deny this obvious truth are going to find the business they love disappear over the next five years.

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With Amazon slowly taking over the publishing world and bookstores closing left and right, things can sometimes seem a little grim for the brick and mortar booksellers of the world. After all, why would anyone leave the comfort of their couch to buy a book when with just a click of a button, they could have it delivered to their door? Well, here’s why: bookstores so beautiful they’re worth getting out of the house (or the country) to visit whether you need a new hardcover or not.

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Lightning may contribute to the onset of headaches and migraines, a new study says.

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