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Reid Hoffman started his professional life with the intention of becoming an academic. But then he realized: “in order to be a professional scholar, you have to dedicate a vast majority of your career to writing esoteric books that only 50 people will understand.”


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So, what are the keys to success for technology entrepreneurs? Arguably, all these things — with some innovation, creativity and fast growth sprinkled in. When interviewing some of the industry’s most significant players, we’ve made it a point to pick their brains about what’s key to being a successful tech entrepreneur and launching a successful tech startup.


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Here are compiled 27 great quotes from some of the world’s most creative minds — and some recently departed  ones — about what innovation really means and how we can bring it out.

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As the tools to create incredible inventions become more accessible to the masses, the classic “inventor” profile is being expanded, exploded, and reconfigured. Designers, web developers, and entrepreneurs are joining scientists and tinkerers to yield the next wave of world-changing inventions.

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Whether the kid in Texas should go to Acton MBA and do whatever he can to become an entrepreneur, or work for Dell, the business built by one of Texas’ stellar entrepreneurs. Here are bizarre notions that have dogged entrepreneurs:

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The rise of the infant entrepreneur is producing a rash of ageism, particularly among venture capitalists. Why finance a 40-year-old (with a family and mortgage) when you can back a 20-year-old who will work around the clock for peanuts and might be the next Mr Zuckerberg? But it is not hard to think of counter-examples: Mark Pincus was 41 when he founded Zynga and Arianna Huffington was 54 when she created the Huffington Post.

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From Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink” to Robert Pirsig’s “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” these books will teach you how to think — no matter if you’re a serial entrepreneur or are just starting a business.

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There are a great many business books out there on everything from marketing and brand building to stories of the life and times of some great business person. For better or for worse, these books often shape the past, present and future generations of entrepreneurs.

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Andreessen and other venture capitalists say the entrepreneurs they fund at 18 or 19 typically have been prepping for years — learning computer code, taking on ambitious freelance projects and educating themselves on the Internet.

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Every entrepreneur spends some time haggling, whether it is with customers, suppliers, investors, or would-be employees. Most business owners are street smart, and seem to naturally perform well in negotiations. If you’re new to negotiating or find it difficult, here are some missteps to avoid:

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Lightning may contribute to the onset of headaches and migraines, a new study says.

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