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Jonathan Lister is LinkedIn’s vp/North American sales for marketing solutions, which means that he’s in charge of growing the social network’s brand advertising revenues. He highlighted how LinkedIn serves its clients, what kind of data it can offer, how it competes with Facebook… and how LinkedIn could end up making your resume and your business card extinct.

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The relationship between social media and privacy has long been a controversial one, but with recent privacy breaches, ever-changing privacy settings and an overall increase in the things we share in social media, there is now renewed attention to the troublesome topic.

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Google Inc. and other advertising companies have been bypassing the privacy settings of millions of people using Apple Inc.’s Web browser on their iPhones and computers—tracking the Web-browsing habits of people who intended for that kind of monitoring to be blocked.

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Despite appearances, the history of social media traces back as far as the late 1970s, when computer hobbyists Ward Christensen and Randy Suess invented the bulletin board system (BBS). The launch of the Mosaic web browser in 1993 gave birth to the world wide web, and from here we never looked back.

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Did you know Apple played a huge role in keeping Facebook afloat during its early years?

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Users of social networks are getting tired of sharing — but that doesn’t mean sharing is on the decline. A new study analyzes sharing behaviors on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and makes predictions for the future of sharing.

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Google is one of the best technology companies, with some of the most enviable perks in the world. And yet, it has still lost thousands of employees, according to data from LinkedIn. Where all the former Googlers are landing?

Not surprising: Google employs the most ex-Microsoft employees. More surprising: Expedia employs more ex-Microsoft employees than Facebook.

Facebook’s penetration among worldwide Internet audiences reached 55% as of December 2011, up 43 percentage points from 12% in 2007, according to a report by comScore Data Mine.

Facebook ‘likes’ are quickly turning into currency for credibility. The more ‘likes’ your business has, the more seriously consumers will perceive your company. Extra bonus: every time someone ‘likes’ your page, each of your updates shows up in their news feed, thereby providing them constant reminders of your brand.

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Lightning may contribute to the onset of headaches and migraines, a new study says.

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