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Today everyone is using social media in their job search. People make connections and share their work on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter — and with the recent explosion of Pinterest, there’s a new player in the game.

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Early on in The Start-up of You, Reid Hoffman takes on the sacred cow of career advice books, making it clear that the time worn exhortations of What Color is Your Parachute? won’t fly in this economy.

“That’s the wrong question,” Hoffman, the co-founder and chairman of LinkedIn writes (with the help of coauthor Ben Casnocha). “What you should be asking yourself is whether your parachute can keep you aloft in changing conditions.”

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Apart from the fact that it’s still the hip new thing — and it still requires an invite, though it’s not hard to secure one — Pinterest serves as a new and convenient avenue for job seekers looking to share content.

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