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Well, unfortunately the X-Men School is not real, but the good news is this: YOU are special. You have powers and abilities inside of you unlike anyone else, and they need to be developed.


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Brené Brown was like so many of us who try to package our vulnerability, wrap it up as tight as we can in duct tape and shove it into the basement of our conscience, but that package exploded as she started to research the human connection and what prevented people from forming those life-giving bonds; namely, our fear of being vulnerable, or shame.

With humor and poignancy, Brown opens the door of our darkest secrets and sheds light on a topic that can change our lives for the better.

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Today we make room for a remarkably narrow range of personality styles. We’re told that to be great is to be bold, to be happy is to be sociable. We see ourselves as a nation of extroverts — which means that we’ve lost sight of who we really are.

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Free mobile apps which use third-party services to display advertising consume considerably more battery life, a new study suggests.

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As the world’s first and only billion-dollar fully open source company, Red Hat has a unique corporate culture. The employees collectively have more power than any one person, even the CEO.

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Have you ever heard of the term “brain rot”? It’s a zombie kind of state that occurs when you intensely overdose your brain with wrong typically junk information, right on where both your thoughts/logic and actions emerge as very distressed. Only when you leave your comfort zones, and thrust yourself to progress, will you attain valuable new skills; improve your awareness, and thoughts.

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Taiwanese researchers have come up with the elegant idea of replacing streetlights with trees, by implanting their leaves with gold nanoparticles. This causes the leaves to give off a red glow, lighting the road for passersby without the need for electric power.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to just plug your USB device right into the wall and not have to use the power adapter and take up an outlet? Apartment Therapy has a guide for you to do just that or you can use a plug-and-play option.

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If you are a tablet fanatic or thinking of buying your first slate, tablets are dramatically affecting the way we live. From hospitals to schools, from our homes to remote villages in the poorest parts of the world, the planet is changing one tablet at a time.

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Germany’s promotion of renewable energy rightly gets singled out for its effectiveness, as an example of how to do things well versus the fits and starts method of promotion common in the US. Over at Wind-Works, Paul Gipe points out another interesting facet of the German renewable energy saga: 51% of all renewable energy in Germany is owned by individual citizens or farms, totaling $100 billion worth of private investment in clean energy.

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Lightning may contribute to the onset of headaches and migraines, a new study says.

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