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“Being the digital mom I am, I thought I had covered all bases. But what I hadn’t counted on was social media being an entirely different beast, and rendering my digitally savvy girls into digital Mr. Magoos.”


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Social networking sites are how humans interact now, and it will continue until the day the zombies eat through our network cables. That’s what makes increasingly annoying and/or invasive social networking practices so much harder to swallow.

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It’s no secret that there’s big money to be made in violating your privacy. Companies will pay big bucks to learn more about you, and service providers on the web are eager to get their hands on as much information about you as possible.

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The relationship between social media and privacy has long been a controversial one, but with recent privacy breaches, ever-changing privacy settings and an overall increase in the things we share in social media, there is now renewed attention to the troublesome topic.

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Twitter has admitted copying entire address books from smartphones and storing the data on its servers, often without customers’ knowledge.

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Last week, it was revealed that Path, a popular new social networking app for the iPhone, was uploading users’ address books — including first and last names, phones numbers and email addresses — to its servers without asking users for permission. Worse, Path was apparently storing this information on its servers indefinitely, and in plain English, without encrypting or attempting to encode the info.

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