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So, what are the keys to success for technology entrepreneurs? Arguably, all these things — with some innovation, creativity and fast growth sprinkled in. When interviewing some of the industry’s most significant players, we’ve made it a point to pick their brains about what’s key to being a successful tech entrepreneur and launching a successful tech startup.


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For lots of startup founders, a big money valuation is just half the goal. Many startups are motivated by a singular drive to change the way we view and interact with the world around us. And while every startup can teach us something, the most disruptive often have the most profound lessons. Here are 10 of today’s most visionary startups to admire, and more importantly, model:

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Can the difference between “it’s” and “its” actually affect the fortunes of a technology startup? You might be surprised. If you’re working with a startup, odds are you’re wearing a half-dozen hats and doing too much with too little. Often, this means that founders are writing their own website copy, press releases and blog posts. Too often, that results in grammatical errors that reflect poorly on the startup.

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These “rules” aren’t just for those founding the companies, but for those who are considering going to work for them, as well.

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Cookbooks are passé, delivery menus are boring, and even Yelp reviews are starting to look a little ragged these days. A new wave of apps and start-up websites want to improve your everyday dining experiences by bringing intuitive searching, trusted recommendations, and even home-cooked options from neighbors into your kitchen.

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Got the entrepreneurial bug? The potential for growth should rank among the critical considerations for any new business venture. A thriving industry can be as much of a factor as your own elbow grease in determining whether or not you succeed.

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Skip college, work at a startup. That’s the idea behind a new two-year program called Enstitute that started accepting applications Tuesday.

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The biggest threat to Facebook isn’t Google or Twitter. It’s the out-of-nowhere startup that allows people to do what they like to do on Facebook easier and faster. What people like to do on Facebook is share and view photos of friends and family.

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Young tech geniuses are always starting new exciting companies. But at some point the kids can’t run the company by themselves any more and the CEO – or his or her board – has to bring in a grown up.

Immigrants founded or cofounded almost half of 50 top venture-backed companies in the United States, a new study shows, underscoring some of the high stakes in potential immigration reform.

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Lightning may contribute to the onset of headaches and migraines, a new study says.

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