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The National Journal has reported that TED is refusing to publish a recent talk from megarich venture capitalist Nick Hanauer, which argued that rich people actually don’t create jobs, and that cutting their taxes is harmful to the middle class.

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Apple, the world’s most profitable technology company, doesn’t design iPhones here. It doesn’t run AppleCare customer service from this city. And it doesn’t manufacture MacBooks or iPads anywhere nearby. Yet, with a handful of employees in a small office here in Reno, Apple has done something central to its corporate strategy: it has avoided millions of dollars in taxes in California and 20 other states.

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Opportunities to overspend are everywhere. Unless you’re armed with a healthy helping of self-control and a fair amount of common sense, it’s easy to overpay for most things we need in our everyday lives. Given the way capitalism works, we’re all bound to overpay sometimes. The key is to avoid making it a habit.

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Lightning may contribute to the onset of headaches and migraines, a new study says.

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